Orion 9

(9 L, 6 units per package)

The sprayers of "Orion" are efficient, professional, reliable facilities working under pressure with active volume of 3,0 to 9,0 liters. The sprayers are the best choice for working in orchards, farmlands, nursery gardens, seed plots, greenhouses and afforestation.
All the components of the sprayers of "Оrion" are made of high-strength and chemically stable materials, which enables to use them for pesticides and herbicides spraying to provide plant protection, for desinfestation, intrafoliaceous fertilizing, sanitization etc.  
All the sprayers are equipped with the safety valves to guarantee the safety of operation and telescopic spray lance of 1.2 m length, strap with the backing for shoulders, liquid-filtering funnel and repair kit.

Delivery set

The sprayer delivery set contains:

1.       Complete sprayer;

2.       Telescopic spray lance of 1.2 m length;

3.       Funnel with mesh sieve;

4.       Spare parts kit;

5.       User Manual and warranty service coupon;

6.       Packing bag.


Technical data

Sprayer type

"Orion 3"

"Orion 6"

"Orion 9"

Maximum working capacity

3 l

6 l

9 l

Gross capacity

5,6 l

8,25 l

11,35 l

Maximum working pressure

0,35 МPa (3,5 atmosphere)

Average performance

0,25 - 0,90 l/min.

Working and storage temperature

1-40 °C

Inner tank material



1,6 kg

2,1 kg

2,5 kg